A deal’s a deal – and when you are in business for yourself, you want to look your very best – for less.  Fashion followers unite! Check out a few of these sites to look super-luxe for the very least:
Amazon.com: You’ve known for a long time now that this isn’t just the site to buy those best sellers.  Don’t forget to cruise Amazon in search of colored jeans, the best bags and maybe some nude pumps (yea, that brand) that are fashion “musts” this season.
fashionjunkee.com: Look here for the best in ‘inspired by’ designer purses. Nobody will know but you and your bank account.
forever21.com  No, we can’t be.  But we want to feel like we are – and look as close to it (tastefully!) as possible. A  lot of ageless looks you see on the runway show up at rever21 for about a thousand dollars less. That’s a serious dress for less situation.
rustyzipper.com: Think vintage! This is fun.  Are you in the antiques business? Dressing from a different era may put your customers in the mood to buy.  Anyway – a touch of vintage with today’s trends makes a bold impact. Gets you noticed. Always a good business strategy. Shoes, pants, dresses, accessories  - all sorted by style (“Disco”, “Hippie”) and era (from the 1940s til now)

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